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Brotherhood Of The Flame


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Hints and Tips


Hints and tips

Jewel Locations known so far to us at this point:
  • skellie I
  • zombie I
  • zombie III
  • palace 
  • Earth Underworld
  • Fire Underworld
  • Pent 8s
  • Pent 20s
  • Pent 28s
  • Pent 36s
  • Pent 42s
  • Pent 48s
  • Pent 62s
  • Pents70s
  • Pents 76s
  • Pents 82s
  • Pents 94s

Random Dungeon
Many members are wondering about the Random Dungeon (RD) and how it works.  It is new but this is what we have learned so far (however I will not disclose all of the secrets as part of the fun is learning and experiencing it for yourself):
  • you will need a light source as it's dark in there.
  • when you kill dark skellies, take the jewel (you may need up to three of these) they are needed to use the various shrines that do unknown things
  • bars found are used to lock a trap door in place so that you may pass over it safely
  • use caution walking, some of the walls have traps.  Once you encounter one, you will know what to look for.  You can walk by these safely if you are 3 squares away
  • you need to start at level 10 and work your way through each level finding the shrine of Continuity to go onto the next level
  • RDs last only 30 minutes and then collapse
  • use caution when entering a RD, make sure that it is for a level you can handle.  There has already been a recovery of a body of a member that made an error when entering and even Lazzarith could not safely recover the body alone.  Outside assistance was required.

Gathering mushrooms is difficult if you do not have any maps to the Sewer system.  I have generated a simple map for those that are able to get mushroom H and I.  The ratlings involved in these areas range from level 33-40.

Potion Recipes
Flowers needed
Potions 1 Flower potions:
  • A - Wisdom
  • B - Intuition
  • C - Agility
  • D - Strength
  • E - Hitpoints
  • F - Mana
  • G - Edurance

3 Flower potions:

  • ACD - Parry
  • AEF - Ball Lightning
  • BBC - Stealth
  • BBG - Perception
  • BCD - Attack
  • BEF - Lightning Flash
  • CCD - Sword
  • CCE - Body Control
  • CCG - Dagger
  • CDG - Staff
  • CFG - Freeze
  • DDF - Immunity
  • DDG - Pulse
  • DEF - Fireball
  • EEF - Magic Shield

4-flower potions:

  • ABCD - Parry + Attack
  • BDEF - Fireball + Immunity
  • CDEF - LF + Staff
  • CEFG - LF + Dagger
  • DEEF - Immunity + MS

5-flower potions:

  • ABCCD - Sword + parry + attack
  • CDDEF - Attack + parry + Immunity
  • ABCDD - TH + parry + Attack
  • BDEEF - Flash + MS + immunity


Are used for duration. Berries have a negative effect on the power (the amount of stat raised) of the potion. In general, the shorter the potion works, the more powerfull it becomes. If you use more than 1 berrie, the longest duration will be used. The time is as in real life.

  • Berry B - 10 minutes
  • Berry C - 20 minutes
  • Berry D - 30 minutes
  • Berry A - 60 minutes


Some potions won't work with mushroom A.  Mushrooms give power (the amount of stat raised) to a potion. The amount of power for a mushrooms depends on the type of potion. In general, a mushroom with a higher letter will give more power.

Beware of the fire snails!