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Brotherhood Of The Flame


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Simply complete this simple application and we will review it for your admission to the clan.  If you would like us to inform you via e-mail simply fill out the email line below and will will contact you via e-mail if we are unable to reach you in-game.
Note that a reply may come after a couple of days so please be patient.

Players who are in other clans when applying please state so in the form. Failure to do so will most likely result in you not getting in the clan because of "dishonesty". The recruiters do take their time in checking out as many applicants as possible so they usually find out wether a player is in another clan or has alts that are.
For players that are in another clan and wish to join BOTF, there is (supposed to be anyway :p) a procedure in which that player must wait between 1 and 2 weeks AND be clanless in this time before being able to join in. Also he/she must have spoken to his/hers former clan leader about the desicion of quitting/joining BOTF.

Dear Brotherhood of the Flame clan applicant:
Thank you for your interest in joining our clan.  Due to the need to ensure that every member of our clan is receiving as much as they put into clan activities, we ask that you fill this application out the best you can and return it to us.  You will be notified after the next Senior member meeting, where we select new members to become part of our team.  We regret that this application process has become necessary but unfortunately due to some members not participating in clan activities or contributing to the success of the clan while they still enjoy the rewards of being a member of a clan, it has become necessary to select those deserving a position without our group. 
This is not an elitist group and the questions pertaining to experience in the game and level are for our understanding of your characters ability at this time.  From now on we only accept players that have at least gained the rank 15 and above. This is due to the (in our opinion) lack of gaming experience lower ranked players have.

Character name
What is your level of Karma
Character race
Character level
Profession #1
Profession #2
Profession #3
Profession #4
Do you have any alternate characters?
Please list the names of your alternate characters
Are you currently in a clan?
What is the name of the clan?
How long have you been playing Astonia 3 - The Final conflict?
How many hours per week to you see yourself playing this character?
Are you currently a pay to play member
Is this character a player killer?
Do you have any alternate characters that are player killers?
Why do you want to join The Brotherhood of the Flame in particular?
What do you expect to get from being a member of our clan?
How do you feel that you are able to contribute to our clan?
If our clan was at war with another clan would this bother you?
If our clan was at war with another clan would you participate in raids if they were deemed necessary by clan leadership?
Do you understand the difference between the clan relations of FEUD and WAR?
Have you read and understood all the clan rules and regulations?
Have you familiarized yourself with the game rules and regulations?
If you would like a response via email please enter it here