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Brotherhood Of The Flame


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Clan Background


Our goals

Our clan goals as a whole are to form a large family where we can trust one another and count on each other in times of need.  We will strive to assist every member of our clan to the best of our abilities without breaking any gaming rules.
We do not seek out war, however should our clan be attacked we will defend ourselves with great force without mercy on any member of the opposing clan.
We will work together and also with other clans that we are at peace with in hopes that everyone's stay is made a little easier and more pleasant.
Entrusted Founders and Grand Nobles are members of the clan that are capable of organizing teams for a task.  Should a member of the clan that out ranks you, ask for you to participate in a task (ie jewel retrieval) it is appreciated that you do so if you, assuming of course, have the time.  Everyone's effort as a TEAM will ensure we continue to thrive as a clan.
If you wish to join our clan feel free to contact us by email if you are unable to reach us online.

History of Our Clan

We were originally 3 small clans struggling very hard to survive.  We determined that the only way for our three clans to survive would be to merge into one large clan.
After the merger we continued to actively seek out new members and begin the process of building a strong clan for the future.
We set up clan rules in the beginning and guidelines for everyone to follow (this included even the leaders to follow the rules).
Day by day we were able to increase our jewel counts, thus enabling our members to benefit from clan recommendations to the governor and more experience in pents.
It is our hope, that valuable members that are actually capable of running their own clan decide to join us and offer their services and knowledge and in return we will be able to offer them a solid clan that can provide to them more benefits than they would be able to achieve alone.  It is with teamwork that everyone is able to benefit as a group.  The more exceptional members we have, the stronger our clan becomes.  Along with strength and loyalty comes benefits beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Senior Members

Cruz - Entrusted Founder - Singapore
Lorien - Entrusted Founder - USA
Peregrin - Entrusted Founder - Germany
Slywind - Grand Noble - USA
Hemmy - Grand Noble - Australia (this one is not as Amishana - Grand Noble - USA (but usually found at one wall or another)
there will usually be at least 1 of these leaders online at any given time as we are well spaced out throughout the world.


To our friends!  Cheers.

You have something stuck between your teeth