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Brotherhood Of The Flame


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Clan News


One thing that we want to ask, is for all members that may to be gone from the game for a long period of time in the future. Please contact a leader and inform them of the amount of time you are expecting to be away. This is to prevent us from accidentaly firing your character from the clan, as we will take a long period of absense as inactivity. Remember, if you can't reach us ingame then send us a mail instead. Just go to the Contact Us page and you are set. Also a tad added in the Clan Rules and Regulations page about this matter.
The Clan relations page has been added. Do take your time and check it out as it consists of details of the treaties for each clan that have a treaty/alliance with us.

Keeping our relations with other clans
Recently there have been several incidents that have caused other clans to become concerned about our clans HIGH standards and morals.  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all members of ANY other clan may apply to our clan for admission however once you are informed of your acceptance in our clan we expect you to follow our clan rules from that date.  You must then remain "clanless" for a period of 14 days from your acceptance.  In this time we will have the opportunity to see what kind of player you are and also to allow your former clan to understand that we are not stealing you as a member of theirs.
Also we will not actively seek out members that are currently a member of any clan small or large.  If you are currently a member of a clan your application MUST be approved by the leadership of this clan and not just the recruiter.
I regret that this has become necessary, however due to the fact that our clan has indeed become a rapidly growing clan we must now ensure that ethical practices are in place to ensure that we are not "stealing" good members from other clans.  We want members to try to make their current clan successful, just like we want our members to make our clan a success.  By having members of a clan wait for a period of time it will allow you and your current clan the opportunity to work out any issues that has initiated your first desire(s) to leave.  If after the waiting period you are still clanless and interested in joining we feel that we are not stealing you as a member, but rather enrolling a clanless player of Astonia.

Ethical game play
All our members are required to follow the clan regulations and the game rules, however we must now also stipulate that members keep in mind what good RPG ethics are.  This pertains to character sharing.  We are not staff and therefore we are not about to take action on this type of play.  However if you find that by character sharing, your actions (whether it be you or whoever was using your character) did something that caused you to break the rules or jeapordize the relations we have with other clans, you will have to explain this.
We are not staff and do not wish to "act" like staff.  It's not our job.  But do not allow your actions to reflect poorly on our clan.  We are a clan of good ethics.  Please keep this in mind the next time you decide to venture into a grey area of the game's rules.

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