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Brotherhood Of The Flame


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Clan Rules and Regulations


If any member thinks its his/her time to leave the clan then it is required of him/her to talk to any of the leaders before doing this, so we (the leaders) get an idea why that member wants to leave the clan. If any of the leaders cannot be reached in game please Contact Us.
On this same issue we have to state clearly that a leaving member has (without discussing the matter with a leader first) no chance to return to the clan in any form. We feel all of you should understand this.

Your Contibution to the Clan
It is important that every member of the clan contribute in some way to the clan.  The clan will provide you with the following IF circumstances allow:
  • Pentagram Quest Clan Solve Bonus
  • Clan Recommendations to the governor (these are random so please don't ask us to recommend you we have no control over these)
  • Solstice potion shaking from designated master alchemists if they are available 
  • grave recoveries from trusted members if level and time allow it
  • deterrence in the form of players within the clan skilled in clan warriors for the defense of the catacombs

What we ask of you is to contribute clan jewels.  We would like to see a minimum of 2 per month from every character in the clan.  There are those that may have difficulty obtaining jewels due to their personal schedule thus missing the respawns or they are not strong enough to fight for them.  If this is the case you then have the option to donate gold to the clan treasury with the clan clerk in the hall in lieu of missing jewels.

Most of our members will not find this difficult to accomplish, however there will always be a few that attempt to ride on the coat tails of others.  We hope this simple and easy to follow policy eliminates this: if there is a spawn and another member needs assistance you are required to assist (again if level allows), failure to do so will put you on probation up to and not excluding dismissal.  This policy applies to ALL ranks and all levels

Try to ensure that donations are greater than 100 gold or they will not be recorded in the clan log.  It is the clan log that we will be using to identify members that are contibuting to the clan and for Member of the Month.  The clan dues are 2 jewels per month or 2,000 gold per missing jewel (so you may find that bidding on a jewel is worth your while).

Our Basic Policy

  • Do not break game rules
  • Do not cheat ANY player in the game during a trade or grave recovery no matter what clan unless we are at war with them.  This is considered a violation of good ethics and the trust that the person placed in you to retrieve a grave. This also goes for ripping off players in trades.
  • No player killers will be permitted.  If you turn player killer you will be removed from the clan
  • No players with a Karma of negative -4 thru -12 will remain in the clan.  This clearly shows to us that you have broken gaming rules and therefore to be removed from the clan for those reasons alone (however, if this is due to administrative error, it will be obviously corrected)
This clan will NEVER enter the relation option of "FEUD" with any clan for whatever reason.  There is no discussion on this issue.


You don't have to be the fastest, you just have to be fast enough not to become food